The Universal Solution for Controlling your Hydronic System - 11/08/2019

Argo is please to introduce the Universal Zone Control, one solution for controlling your hydronic system. This new Argo device can control your zone pumps, zone valves or both. It is a perfect companion for condensing boilers with three (3) programmable end switches – allowing users to configure a condensing boiler that has multiple inputs such as central heating, DHW and low temperature zone. The Universal Zone Control is available in three models; UZ3, UZ4 and UZ6 with 3, 4 and 6 zone capability respectively. Expansion modules are also available for one additional zone, EZ1, or three additional zones, EZ3. The Universal Zone Control can control up to 15 zones. The control has a dedicated 115 V ac terminal to supply power to a boiler loop pump for primary/secondary piping system.  Eliminates adding additional standalone relays to interface the zone control panel with the boiler.  The thermostat connection: Tr-Tw-C can be used to power digital Wi-Fi thermostats as well as power robbing thermostats. During a power loss, the digital LCD user display and programming interface maintains programming.

Key Features Include:

  • 3, 4 or 6- zone control - expandable to 15 zones with plug-in expansion modules
  • Control pumps and zone valves within the same system
  • Programmable priority (ON/OFF) for either pumps or zone valves
  • Connects to all types of 24-volt zone valves (two, three or four wire)

Installation & Service Features:

  • Always have the right zone control on your service truck. 
  • Self-diagnostics provide zone status and error messages in text format
  • Installer Test Mode:  Exercises zones and control functions to confirm
    operation without engaging the thermostat
  • Plug-in port to connect to Argo DPM-2 outdoor reset control
  • Clearly marked terminals for easy and accurate installation
  • Control can also be used with any tankless coil boiler.
  • Every control that leaves the factory is tested 
  • Five-year limited warranty