Wi-Fi Thermostat

This product has been archived and is no longer available.

Control the temperature in your home from anywhere

The Argo Wi-Fi Thermostat works with all types of boiler systems or any 2-wire forced air furnace system.  It is ideal for upgrading 2-wire traditional-style round thermostats.  All that is needed is a Wi-Fi connection in the home.  With the free Argo app available for iOS and Android, users can manage their thermostat remotely and take advantage of cost savings when they are away and set a comfortable temperature for when they arrive home.


  • Remote access and monitoring
  • Improved serviceability. Having your installer connected provides better service
  • Enjoy comfort, energy savings and lower utility bills
  • Connect to multiple smartphones
  • Control multiple thermostats from a single smartphone or tablet
  • Switch between manual and schedule modes:  Automatic programming can be set up quickly and easily through a short questionnaire about schedules and habits of the user
  • Ability to lock thermostat settings
  • Display Setting can be set to Fahrenheit (ºF) or Celsius (ºC)
  • Three year limited warranty


  • Can be used with any 2-wire boiler or forced air furnace
  • Replace older Honeywell 2-wire round thermostats and get Wi-Fi Connected
  • Connect to select ECR Boilers for added benefits such as:  view energy consumption, outside temperature, water pressure, and current boiler temperature
  • View boiler messages to confirm the boiler is operating correctly and diagnose errors
  • Contractor servicing features

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