ARH Hydro Air Zone Control

ARGO Hydro-Air Controls provide the easiest way to interface between the thermostat and air handler. These dependable control relays will control from 1 to 20 zones of heating/cooling and provide priority switching for domestic hot water. Boiler and A/C condenser wiring is virtually fool proof.


•Choice of three models:

– Single Zone/Expansion Module, Two-Zone with Priority, Three-Zone with Priority

•All ARH models have plug-in connectors for easy expansion up to 20 zones

•Multiple terminals for 2-speed air handlers

•Built-in air handler "Freeze Protection"

•Switchable Priority for domestic hot water applications

•LED diagnostic lights for easy troubleshooting

•Includes strap-on bi-metal aquastat to prevent "cold air" circulation in heating mode

•5-year Limited Warranty

•100% quality controlled

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